Singers are unique types of musicians. Guitar players and pianists need to use a musical instrument to showcase their musical talent but singers have their instruments within them. And because this instrument is natural, when damaged it cannot be repaired or bought for new like a typical instrument. What this means is; a singer needs to know how to care for their vocal cords. But how is this done?

We have curated a little information which will prove invaluable on your journey as a musician.  Read the following tips on how to maintain your vocal cords and improve your overall voice quality as a singer.

  1. Look after Your General Health and Not Just Your Vocal Cords

Sounds like the last thing you would expect to hear right? Wrong. Taking good care of your overall health goes a long way into improving your voice. You could start by taking not less than 8 cups of water each day. The vocal membranes located in your throat box function well when they are hydrated.

  1. Rest Your Voice for Long Periods Daily

Do not strain your voice constantly. Rest your voice within sessions and performances to allow the cords regain their strength.

  1. Avoid all types of smoke especially cigarettes

Cigarette smoking is bad for the lungs and throat. If you are a smoker, it is best to quit smoking as this will shorten the lifespan of your voice.

4. Avoid Foods That Are Unhealthy for the Voice Box

There are foods which should be avoided as they may affect the integrity of your voice. These include oily and spicy foods including drinks such as alcohol and coffee. Foods which affect the voice are not limited to these. Find out the foods which affect your voice box and abstain from them.

  1. Vocal Cords Need a Warm Up Too

Just like you need to stretch out before doing your exercises, your voice needs a warm up before singing. There are many warm up techniques to bring your voice up to range before you sing. Find out the exercises that are suitable for you and stick to them.

  1. Exercise Your Voice Daily

Remember that practice makes perfect. In order to keep your voice up to speed, make sure to practice at least 30mins a day. Practicing increases the strength of the vocal cords and this translates into singing better and for longer.

Remember not to make it a habit to practice for too long as this will wear out your voice and be the reverse of what you set out to achieve in the first place.

  1. Sing Songs within Your Voice Range

Keep to the back of your mind the limits of your voice and do not go beyond them. Singing higher or lower than your voice range can strain your vocal cords.


With these 7 tips, you can be sure to enhance the longevity of your vocal cords throughout your career.