Digital Experience

On your PC, browse our Youth Musical Theatre Library and Archive of content. Select a show you would like to see.

• Search for a Performance

• Buy a Subscription

After choosing the show you would like to see, press the “watch now” tab on the bottom of the info page to buy the show as a onetime rental or buy a subscription.

• Press Play

Once you have successfully bought a subscription or rental, you will now be given access to the content.

• Enjoy

Now you can kick off your shoes and enjoy the best of our curated musical theatre content brought to your screen courtesy of our talented youths!

Mobile Devices

Download our App

For Android devices, you can download our app which is available on Google Play Store. To download directly, click here.

For iOS platforms, you can download our app from the Apple App Store. To download directly, click here.

Incompatible Devices

For users with Incompatible devices, you can get access to our content using your mobile browser and visiting our website library content here.

Our live content will come soon on Chrome Cast and Apple TV. In the meantime, we encourage our viewers to buy either of the above subscriptions to enjoy our content.

We are currently working on pushing out our brand across all social platforms. Keep updated on our YouTube channel to get more information about upcoming events. You can also follow your favourite performers by liking us on Facebook and getting updates on our shows.

To get more information about how to watch our musical performances, contact us here.