For this current season, we have some of the most highly awaited shows, bringing to you the best titles in music theatre and opera.

LA LA Land

This is a musical theatre of the critically acclaimed movie. This musical rendition tells the tale of a budding actress working as a barista and dreaming of the fame of Hollywood. She meets Sebastian - a musician and jazz pianist who has a dream of running a nightclub. After near hits and misses both parties get to meet at a party after which they decide to see a movie. They become lovers but end up drifting apart as a result of chasing each other’s dreams.

This musical captures the ethos of love and loss bringing a whole mix of emotion into one musical play.

Starts: 8pm

Tickets: £14, £18


This is the musical rendition of a mutant who is immortal. It tells the story of how a man became machine and his journey towards recovering his humanity. Wolverine begins with Logan who travels to the Orient to meet a long-time friend in Japan. He later becomes entrapped in a conspiracy involving the Japanese criminal organization known as the Yakuza.

He is later confronted with his arch-enemy where he is involved in a battle for survival. The musical gives Insights on the vulnerability of an indestructible man, giving us a peek into his emotions and his fight to keep his humanity without getting consumed by his anger and inner rage.

The wolverine is an extraordinary performance by our music theatre students who allow the audience to get a tiny glimpse of their remarkable artistic talents. The play is staged three times a year for paying audiences. The musical rendition is solely directed by aspiring stage directors who have the technical nous to produce a top-class performance

Starts: 8pm

Tickets: £14, £18

The music presentations are produced live by our youngsters who have received the best training on offer in our theatre. The music production is recreated twice a month and guests are advised to get their tickets in advance.

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